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About us

We are fans of John Wayne and his movies, John Ford and the movies he directed – well in both cases most of their movies. Being 3 old gits we were brought up on classic western films.

3 old gits

Over a few glasses of red wine (I remember when it would have been pints) we started coming up with all these ideas for T-shirt film quotes and that's where it started

Well 3 of us are old gits anyway - Steve the writer and human encyclopedia on all things John Wayne and John Ford movies and westerns in general. Vince the ideas man and me, Brian who hobbles things together.

The other member of our clan is younger and better looking than us, Michael who is the superbly qualified designer, also a fan but I don't think he would remember Saturday morning flicks.

We're located in the UK but most of the store items are made and delivered via the US.

After 12 months this is the 2nd store we've opened and is the one we have our put our hearts into.

You may have come via our website but if not check it out at and / or join us at our Facebook page

If you would like to contact us you can at, we would be happy to hear from you.

Brian & team